Supply-Chain Management

The complete solution in a supply-chain management inclusive of the procurement of raw materials till the delivery of finished products to the customer. This is supported by several key elements in fulfilling the demand which is as follows:-

  • Order Processing
  • Procurement of Raw Material
  • Manufacturing/Production
  • Packaging
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Delivery

At East India Technologies Private Limited we focus on providing the total Supply Chain Management solution to our customer with ‘7’ Keys as:-

  • Right Product
  • Right Customer
  • Right Place
  • Right Time
  • Right Price
  • Right Quantity
  • Right Quality
  • EITPL SCM Offer the lowest prices or optimal value for comparable products and services with right QCD principle to meet the customer expectations.
  • Continuous change in market competitiveness and complexity, the traditional statistical models of forecasting demand, based on time series, no longer meet the needs imposed on businesses to maintain adequate levels of the inventory and supply interruptions. With the intent to meet the market demands, EITPL SCM embraces e-SCM systems which is more flexible.
  • SCM maintain customer services and quality products the top priority. Even when this involves additional cost (overnight shipment, premium packaging and labor/machine-intensive manufacturing process).

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